Pain relief

Unique in the ability to treat the symptoms and the root cause 

PosturePlast is unique in its dual benefits of pain relief and posture improvement.

  • PosturePlast gets to work as soon as you start wearing it, stimulating  soothing circulation to help reduce painful inflammation. More importantly, Postureplast has a powerful effect on the nervous system centred on the back muscles to reduce pain and spasms.


  •  PosturePlast provides active support when sitting, standing or lifting, to stop the root cause of the pain being aggravated and made worse. This also speeds up healing and recovery.


  • PosturePlast keeps the back in the 'safe zone' relieving pain long term by correctly changing how you use your  back in everyday movements. 




Adam says: Living with pain wears you down. During our product trials, users doubled their 'happiness score' after a week of using PosturePlast