Posture and the safe zone

 Good posture is about staying in the safe zone

Posture means so much more than standing straight or walking tall. Posture relates to everything your body does, whether you're bending down to pick up something, reaching into the fridge for a carton of milk or playing an active sport. The key to a healthy back is maintaing your posture in what Adam calls 'the safe zone', the optimum range of movements for your back, whatever you are doing. 

PosturePlast will gently remind you if you move out of the safe zone, avoiding any of the poor posture that all to often leads to back pain and getting you moving confidently in a way that will protect your back.

Good posture is also important to those already suffering with lower back pain, putting less strain on the spine, minimising the risk of further aggravation and aiding a speedier recovery.