The story and the expertise

Innovation born out of experience

There’s growing recognition amongst healthcare professionals that back pain and posture go hand in hand - something PosturePlast creator Adam Dallison has been aware of for some time.

It was his experience with patients from all walks of life, seeing similar scenarios and symptoms time after time  in his clinic caused by bad posture, that inspired him to develop a solution.

A new take on tried and tested methods

Adam uses medical tape in the treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries in his clinic but realised that this wasn't something that people could do for themslves at home. He also wanted to make sure his own patients could carry on the benefits of their treatment after they had left the clinic.

Adam spent a lot of time experimenting with various materials to recreate the complex lace pattern of taping and added the integrated X controller to enhance the effects. After testing with his own patients, Adam finally developed the PosturePlast you see today which delivers all the benefits of taping in an authentic, innovative and patented one-piece design.

Photo Adam


Adam says: Did you know that getting the back working and moving properly again helps the body to recover naturally? PosturePlast can help facilitate this, saving time and money by cutting out the need for further treatments