How to apply

Wear everyday - or as often as you need

This film shows you how to apply PosturePlast. You may want to ask someone to help you the first time but it becomes easier and easier to apply with a bit of practice.

  1. Identify the top of the PosturePlast - the smaller end of the X
  2. Check your skin is clean and dry and free of any creams, moisturisers etc
  3. Standing upright, hold PosturePlast in line with your spine and with the lower points of the X on your upper buttocks. Use a mirror to compare with the diagram on the pack
  4. Once the position matches this, remove the backing from the bottom half only and apply it, smoothing downwards
  5. Then remove the backing from the top half of the plaster and smooth on in an upward motion, ensuring firm contact with your skin
  6. Wait 10 minutes before moving around too much to give the adhesive time to stick
  7. Rubbing baby oil onto the PosturePlast before removal can help to loosen the adhesive, making removal easier. Excess adhesive on the skin post removal can be cleared with alcohol based products.

Please note, each PosturePlast is for single use only. Each PosturePlast can be worn 48 hours. You can wash while wearing PosturePlast. See the FAQ's section if you have any questions.