What people say about PosturePlast

"After I had visited my physiotherapist for my back problem she recommended that I tried this in between treatments. Having applied it, I no longer had any pain in my back. It is very comfortable to wear. I will use it again and would fully recommend it."

"As soon as I applied the PosturePlast I acted differently because all of a sudden I was aware of my posture and the plaster stops you using your back in the wrong way. On the first day I felt relief straight away. The other good thing about it is that you can just pick and choose as to when you want to use it, where as with pain killers you have to build them up to get the relief required."

"I bought PosturePlast for a dear friend with back problems when they first came on the market - she finds them an absolute godsend! They keep her posture correct and keep everything where it should be. When she feels the first twinge she puts one on and the relief is just amazing ! PosturePlast should be available on the NHS so it could benefit the many thousands of people with lower back pain misery!"

"I bought PosturePlast as I suffer from sciatica but since being pregnant not only did the sciatica flare up again but my back was in terrible pain too. Once I applied PosturePlast I noticed the difference straight away. You learn to use your back correctly bending at the knees and are more aware of your posture in general, it limits your movements in your back so you don't over work it. I thought they worked so well that I have recommended them to my neighbours who have themselves now invested in them too. No more pain killers for me. The fact that you wear one for a couple of days and then have a few days off before applying the next one works very well."

"My husband who is a cynical dentist has suffered with back pain for a long time. I bought a packet of PosturePlast for him to try and after much persuasion he did. He was quite amazed at the relief they gave him from pain and now uses them regularly, I do too. I have recommended them to so many of my friends and they have all be amazed at how it works. Try them, you too will be amazed."

PosturePlast in action