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How many PosturePlast will I need?

As everyone's back problem is different - the seriousness and length of time of the problem - it is impossible to say exactly how long each individual might need to wear PosturePlast for and so, how many you will need. When we conducted trials with NHS and private patients, 78% of trialists said their pain had been reduced by using PosturePlast for 1 week i.e. 7days.

The good news is we don’t expect anyone to wear PosturePlast long term for lower back pain. We know that the vast majority of back problems are caused by poor posture and what PosturePlast does is to re-educate the wearer into good posture habits. The length of time that this can take will vary but your posture is a learned habit so that once your body and brain are trained back into good posture you can stop wearing PosturePlast.

If you should start to go back to bad habits, which you will know by the first twinges of back pain starting, a few days of wearing PosturePlast again to remind you will help.

How long can I wear each PosturePlast for?

Although each PosturePlast can only be used once, you can wear each PosturePlast for up to 48 hours so you can sleep and shower with it on. The adhesive is hypoallergenic and of the highest quality but you should remove PosturePlast to allow skin to breathe after 48 hours. Although it isn't waterproof you can dab it dry after showering and continue wearing it, just like a plaster you might have on your finger.

PosturePlast can be worn overnight if desired and many customers have told us this has helped them sleep much better.

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