Back Pain

The NHS and leading experts globally accept that the cause for 90% of all low back pains stem from; 


  • bending awkwardly

  • lifting, carrying, pushing or pulling incorrectly

  • slouching in chairs

  • standing or bending down for long periods

  • twisting & over-stretching

  • driving in a hunched position 

Yes - incorrect back use and poor posture, something that Adam has know for a long time. When you think about it, it's not surprising that we suffer back pains. The human body has not changed much since the time of the cavemen but the world in which we live today is vastly different.

Today we are living more than twice as long and dealing with computers, cars and a more sedentary lifestyle. Our spines were not designed for the lifestyle in which we sit at computers all day, run marathons or spend hours gardening and this all contributes to the problem of lower back pain. Most of us would acknowledge that we do not sit correctly or bend from our knees but these two activities, constantly repeated many times a day, are what combine to weaken and strain our backs.

PosturePlast has been clinically designed to only allow the spine to move as it was intended and not how the modern world dictates. Importantly, PosturePlast retrains your back to move correctly, even after you have removed it.


A unique approach for healthy backs

PosturePlast is large, soft and self-adhesive, with a strong supporting structure. They work together to control movement, whilst still giving you the freedom and confidence to move safely. 

The design is based on the proven medical techniques of taping, which are used globally to reduce pain. PosturePlast was designed by a leading osteopath to give you all the benefits of this powerful treatment at home.​​


Teaches and retrains the body to stand, sit and bend in a way that will not cause any strain, pain or injury


Gives wearers the support and confidence to move freely, knowing that they will not aggravate their injury further, or cause an injury

Feel the effects immediately, as your posture and movement are corrected and safely controlled

Contains no medication - can even be worn during pregnancy


Adam says: 

It's like having an osteopath with you all the time you wear it, reminding you how to use your back correctly.