Helping to break the habit of bad posture

A new solution for a modern problem

PosturePlast is a drug free, neuro-mechanical solution that relieves pain, prevents injury, whilst correcting core back posture and movement. 

This triple effect makes the patented PosturePlast unique.

PosturePlast has been developed by a leading osteopath. Improving upon proven rehabilitation techniques used by professionals for over 30 years. 

Its like having your own personal physio watching over you 24 hours a day, stopping and correcting every incorrect pain causing movement. PosturePlast gives you trust and confidence so you can go about  your daily activity again. PosturePlast tackles the root cause, it doesn't just mask it,  an action no medication can provide

PosturePlast has been clinically designed to only allow the spine to move as it was intended and not how the modern world dictates.


Importantly, PosturePlast retrains your back to move correctly, even after you have removed it.


Adam says:

PosturePlast contains no medication so it can be worn during pregnancy or with other medications taken. It's discreet and comfortable, you only know your wearing PosturePlast when you need it to protect you.